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Evaluation of teaching activity

Evaluation of teaching by students takes place online with a series of questionnaires that are filled in using an application developed by the Research Group on Evaluation and Monitoring of Policies and Services at the University of Florence (Valmon).

When to fill in the form

Each student must complete the online form once two-thirds of the lessons have been completed and preferably one week before the end of the lessons.

Filling in the form is indispensable to proceed with the online booking of the exam for the course assessed.

Non-attending students are still required to complete an assessment form, even if it is less detailed than the one offered to attending students.

Lessons not included in the Curriculum of Studies may also be assessed individually. In this case, the assessment is only possible at the same time as booking the examination by accessing the online service "accedi a GCS": the system will automatically refer the student to the form to fill in the questionnaire, preventing them from booking the exam if the form has not been filled in.


Structure of the form

The form consists of questions, organised in sections regarding

- Organisation of teaching

- Lecturer

- Satisfaction

Based on the answers given to two initial filter questions (respectively, an indication of the percentage of attendance and the academic year to which the assessment refers), a different subset of questions will be proposed to the student from among all those provided.


Information for students

In order to fill in the evaluation form for the subjects included in your personal curriculum of study, you need to access the online service " Educational Evaluation Questionnaires ". “Questionari per la Valutazione della Didattica

See also Teaching Quality Qualità della didattica.

Instructions can be found on the University's 'How to fill in the online evaluation questionnaire' webpage. "Come fare per compilare il questionario di valutazione online".




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